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<Update 16.03.22>

From March 23rd 2022 EcoVelo will change from it’s role as a mobile bicycle mechanic service and will become a champion of all things to do with green cycling and helping our environment – bringing you news and advice on a regular basis!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have been welcomed into Trek Bath’s Technical Service Team and I am so excited to spend my time being part of an already great team. Having previously highlighted their goals in becoming a more earth friendly/conscious company, and the industry transparency they’ve always provided, joining their family was an easy choice for my conscience to make!

Please do continue to visit EcoVeloUK to find out about new issues concerning the world of earth friendly cycling!

Existing clients should be expect a longer timeframe with any outstanding work and we will wind up all existing jobs within the next few weeks. It has been wonderful meeting you all, and keep cycling!

Green Donations

Every month we endeavour to contribute to our named green project, and all we ask is that you give them a look and see if contributing is something you can comfortably do. Find out about the work they do and the difference it makes here